Mens pedicure


Although manicures were once associated with “femininity,” masculine manicures keep the nails neat, trim and clean. Many men also appreciate pedicures, and enjoy both mani/pedi treatments at the same time.

People who must use their hands in sales professions, in performing arts, or in business jobs will benefit from having nicely manicured nails.

Also, it’s a great way to simply have some pampering on the side, as well as for keeping a clean and trimmed appearance for both hands and feet. And you can’t beat the hand/foot massage at the end of your treatment!

Men's Manicure
Filing, Cuticle Care, Massage, and Buffing
Men's Pedicure
Filing, Cuticle Care, and Massage


Pedicure Chair_Nails By Bay Santa RosaNails By Bay maintains strict California State Board disinfecting procedures with the use of autoclave sterilization. We use individual one-time spa liners for your protection.